What functions do you perform?
Invite to give like to your page, publish images with auto brand, states, links
Automate windows, and much more.

How do I install fanpage activator?
Once the purchase is made, we will send a download link,
includes time, limitations and series, which you will enter in REGISTRAR
bottom left of the program.

Can I download it for free?
Do one of the tasks in the area for free, and get a license.
It is only possible once for each task.

Can it affect my facebook?
It does not affect your account, we use the best way to limit yourself and not perform
spam, the mode of publication is as human as possible. We do not use
fixed intervals.

What type of facebook account can I use?
Use an antiqua, with verifications and a secure email account.
Do not use a new one created with false and unverified mail.

Can I leave the PC on?
You can leave it on, or turn it off and when you turn it on, you will publish again

How long does the delivery of the license take?
In less than 24 hours, the email arrives with the information to your mail.

CLICK TUTORIAL // home user

More questions, to one of our points of contact.

Legal notice: all trademarks specified here are the property of their respective owners. We are NOT a subsidiary or affiliate of Facebook . Fanpage Activator is a desktop application. This program does not use the Facebook API or any other Facebook resource and does not obtain data from your server directly. Make sure you abide by Facebook terms of use before you start using this program.

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